conditionals text exercises

Ejercicios para practicar con Go!British.

I’d been looking for a new job for a while, as I really hated my present one. I didn’t get on very
well with my boss and I found the job really boring, so it was definitely time for a change. I had
seen an advert in the local paper for a job that sounded absolutely perfect for me. I had to have
it! I spent a long time on my CV and wrote a really convincing covering letter.
You can guess what happened…
On the day of the interview I overslept! I must have forgotten to set my alarm the night before.
I jumped out of bed, quickly put some clothes on and rushed out the door but I was never going
to make it in time. If only I’d set my alarm, I would’ve been on time!
I would normally take the bus but, as I was running late, I decided the tube might be quicker.
I ran down the
escalators and jumped onto the train, just as the doors were closing. I breathed a sigh of relief
– I might just make it after all. After a couple of minutes
I noticed that other people on the train were looking at me strangely. Suddenly, I had
a dreadful feeling. I looked down at my feet. I still had my slippers on! I must have been in
such a rush to leave the house that I forgot to put my smart black shoes on. This was a
disaster! What would the interviewer think of me?
I still really wanted the job so I decided to carry on. I got off the train and rushed outside. It had
started to rain and I had forgotten my umbrella. It was only a short walk to my destination but I
decided to take a taxi so I wouldn’t get too wet. I stood at the edge of the road waiting for a taxi
when a huge truck drove past. I had been standing right next to a big puddle and I was now
completely covered in dirty water!
I couldn’t go to the interview looking like this. I decided to turn back and go home. Feeling very
upset, I crossed the road to the tube station. I obviously wasn’t looking because the next thing I
knew, I was waking up in a hospital bed with lots of cuts and bruises and a broken leg! I wish I’d
never got out of bed that morning!


A) Read the sentences and answer True (T) or False (F) to the questions.

  1. Emma liked her present job.
  2. On the day of the interview, Emma overslept because she was tired.
  3. Emma was just in time to catch her train.
  4. Emma took the tube because the bus was late.
  5. People on the train were staring at Emma.
  6. Emma was worried what the interviewer would think of her.
  7. The taxi drove through a puddle and covered Emma in water.
  8. Emma can’t remember anything after crossing the road to go back to the tube

B) Make sentences in the third conditional about everything that went wrong in Emma’s

  1. Example: If she’d set her alarm, she would’ve been on time.

C). In your groups, talk about a bad day that you’ve had in the past.

  1. What went wrong and why
  2. What you could have done to prevent it
  3. Any regrets you have.